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Update Post Count. Aug 31, DurangoRaider wrote: SigHansen wrote: He looks homo to me. Definitely lifts weights like a homo. If nothing else he's bisexual. He'll be known as firstblack Prez, first gay/bisexual Prez. Back up fellas, we got us a bona fide expert in the field. Post a New Topic · Back to Topics · Prev · Next. Rumors About the President - The Atlantic Erin. Age: 22. look at my wonderful pictures and contact me! President, My father was a United States Marine for 22 years before retiring as a master sergeant. Nov 11, - Remember that time the President of the United States was a coke-addicted gay teen using a stable of white sugar daddies to fuel his addiction? Well, a woman claiming to be Barack Obama's classmate when he was a high school student going by the name Barry Soetoro seems to and she's dribbling. Ashlynn. Age: 27. STOCKINGS MODEL Explore Michelle Obama, News Stories, and more! Jan 17, - To Obama With Love, and Hate, and. Desperation. Over eight years, through millions of letters, the staff of the White House mailroom read the unfiltered story of a nation. A guy finally admits to his wife that he's gay, and now he would like to tell the president. “I'm a big hustler of the mail,” Reeves said. Click here to watch the clips from AngryTestie's channel that made one to remember →. } More. 0s.

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Abbey. Age: 19. Available in other areas of Lancashire Manchester Cheshire Chester with a minimum appointment time of 1hr Classmate of Barack Obama in Hawaii Recalls Him as Gay, Cocaine-Smoking Dishonest Hustler - YouTube. Feb 10, - Because Obama was a "gay, cocaine-using hustler." And he's not even American. He's Kenyan. And he'll do whatever it takes to cover that information up. A Hawaiian official who released Obama's birth certificate was murdered. "Now investigators, who believe Obama's certificate was faked, wonder. Jan 22, - President Obama made history in his inaugural address when he mentioned Stonewall in the same breath as Selma, the Alabama town considered the "It was not filled, as some accounts have it, with drag queens and street hustlers — it was a nice mix of young and middle-aged, prosperous and not.


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