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Jul 14, - Tips on how to shave your vagina hair. Use a shaving gel before shaving your pubic area. This is better than shaving cream which can clog the pores and increases the possibility of a razor burn. Always use sharp and clean razors. Shave in the direction the hair grows to avoid the possibility of ingrown. 37 Men And Women Answer The Question: Shaved, Trimmed, Or Hairy? (NSFW) | Thought Catalog Nunziatella. Age: 25. Beautiful things come in packages is what they say, so here I am, a stunningly petite and lovely girl! You will find me cute with a great mind and body, For people who are looking for a relaxing time i am the right person for a relaxing massage Doesn't take long, maybe 20 min. The courtesy mint tastes of peppermint and armpit. Sep 15, - The only clear trend is that the younger the woman, the more likely she is to trim, partly shave, or totally remove her pubes. those who reported any hair removal were somewhat more interested in sex, and somewhat more likely to play in ways other than penis-vagina intercourse, i.e., vaginal fingering. Kleio. Age: 21. I promise make your time very very happy and have a fun with you I'll Try Anything Once: 70s Bush Mar 10, - I've shaved from about the age of up until a year ago when my boyfriend “came out the closet” and admitted to being turned on by a full bush and requested that I stopped shaving. to do so. It's a natural part of being an adult to have body hair. b) a bald vagina looks like the facehugger from Alien. She sat in a captain's chair, naked save for a leather hood and wristbands, her legs lasciviously spread with her partially shaved vagina almost at eye level with her submissive subject. She snapped the whip and a red welt rose on Quesnell's buttocks. He quivered but made no sound. “You have to earn my favor, you.

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Lana. Age: 27. I will not return your text messages so please no texting May 5, - If we want to get technical, I didn't stop shaving my vagina for a month, because I've never shaved it — and whether you realize it or not, neither have you. What I have shaved is my And part of me was pretty interested to see whether or not going au naturel turned him on or off. (For those wondering, he. International Women's Day Sophia bravely volunteered to have her luscious locks lopped off, all in the name of charity. Part of the V-Day campaign, the head-shave, along with an associated effort which involved the tattooing of Vaginas onto various body parts, raised the amount gathered by Lancaster University's. His finger brushed against her partially shaved vagina lips, exposing her wetness. Menace maneuvered his hand back from under Trina's dress and placed his finger under his nose. He took a deep inhale. The sound of “Ahh” escaped his mouth as he released his breath. Trina smelled wonderful to him. Menace placed his.


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