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Sep 20, - Of course, we all know the answer is NO the Bible does not allow a man to spank his wife. What does the Bible say about Wife Spanking? The Bible does not specifically speak to the situation of wife spanking and some believe because this is the case then wife spanking is forbidden. How To Properly Spank Your Wife! | Domestic submission Alanna. Age: 22. Down to earth girl that loves music and nature and all things new and different so let's go! We can have so much fun theirs so many things we could do it's all up to you I really enjoy the posts from the womens poiint of view. Dec 12, - You can't just spank a girl with any old thing. Learn how my husband spanks me: what implements he uses, why he uses them and when. Sandy. Age: 25. Hi I'm Jen! I'm now taking new clients now! Does the Bible allow a husband to spank his wife? Apr 13, - My husband bought a paddle on Amazon solely to spank me. He uses it very seldomly, maybe once a year. The last time he used it was on Christmas. It really hurts! It covers my butt entirely and makes me feel the punishment at least a day. Naturally, I was extra attentive to his wishes afterwards! You can. My Husband Gave Me The Worse Spanking Ever For Lying!: A true, personal story from the experience, I My Husband Spanks Me. I'm in my bedroom waiting for my husband to come home with one of my husbands belts beside me. I'm in trouble for lying again. He promised me on the phone that I won't be sitting down for a.

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Eva. Age: 24. Hallo Mar 15, - And with the spanking all tension is instantly defused. The husband has directed his resolution to the matter and that is the end of it. The matter is never mentioned again. Say goodbye to arguments and the sick residue they leave behind when you start spanking your wife. spanked wife. I am a spanking husband, I started spanking my wife soon after we married and on the advise of my father in law. It came about when I complained to him about his daughter, about her over spending, staying out late and behaving as if she was still a single girl. He turned around and told me that I was not being firm enough. Apr 12, - In early , a woman from Carmel, California wrote the Hollywood fan magazine Screenland to say how much she had enjoyed the recent Christmas release Frontier Gal—not just for its lovely performers and dazzling Technicolor vistas, but for saving her marriage by teaching her husband to spank her.


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