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Anonymously send a package of poop to your friends or enemies. The ultimate gag gift. Sweet revenge at its finest. 22 Things You Should Know About Your Butt Lindsey. Age: 26. I will be your masseuse highlight my plastic, my sensuality and my feminity with delicaty for your relaxation Tony Rocky Horror Member Oct 30, Also, take a photo. Recorded on August 27, using a Flip Video camcorder. Khloe. Age: 20. You want to feel good in the company of a girl do not stand the real escort with common sense,i guarantee hygiene and discetion Constipated and can't shit?? Oct 30, - fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck i have this big hard piece of shit in my ass, just waiting to pop out. but it won't come out?:(I'm getting stomach aches, I've. Mar 29, - A fair amount of blood when you poop. - A bump around your anus that you notice when you're cleaning or wiping yourself. "All of those are signs of hemorrhoids, but all of those can be signs of cancer too," Muldoon says. NOT TO FREAK YOU OUT, but that's why it's ALWAYS better to get it checked out.

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Karlie. Age: 24. Love a discreet guys who love long legs and adult fun This is an alt account for reasons that will soon become obvious. For the past several years (I am 27), whenever I take a poop, my actual butt hole becomes itchy after a while. Sometimes this is minutes later, sometimes it is later in the day. I know your first response is going to be to tell me to wipe better, but. Nov 2, - Here are 5 things to know about wiping your butt after your poop, including toilet paper techniques, bidets, and wet wipes. Dec 16, - You have two anal sphincters: one near your opening, and one further up your cavity, which work together to help push fecal matter out. You have The most important thing to know is that poop doesn't just sit right at the entrance of your anus, eagerly awaiting the moment that you sit down on the toilet.


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